The Destination

Austria has over 8.6 million souls.

That number may seem small compared to America or China, but every single soul counts to our God. Austria is predominantly catholic but most people barely attend church at all or even believe in God, as is common in Europe, many cathedrals sit empty or are made into museums.



We will be in Vienna at the Church of Acts, with the missionary family and potentially at a daughter work in Eisenstadt as well.  We could also potentially be involved with the GSN Bible School and in facilitating Bible quizzing, for which material has now been translated.


Austrians need to experience an outpouring of the latter rain. They need hope…. They need Jesus who is both hope and life. Help us bring the gospel to the hungry, the hurt, the depressed, the lonely, the broken hearted, the drug addict, the single Mom, the alcoholic, the refugee, the abused… to those that have lost all hope.

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