Here are the timing and financial details of our AIM term:


If you are ready to commit to supporting us financially (with either a one-time or a monthly donation), there are three ways to do so:


Option #1:     UPCI Global Missions

AIM2Austria, Michaela Bowles, Zachary Bowles, GSN, UPCI, AIM2Go

Pledge and/or any funds to:
Global Missions/AIM
8855 Dunn Road
Hazelwood, MO

Include note:
“AIM Zachary and Michaela Bowles (GM Acct.# 239965)


Option #2    Local Church Giving

Funds can be processed through your local United Pentecostal Church as well.  Make checks payable to your local church with a notation indicating:
“AIM Zachary and Michaela Bowles (Global Missions Acct.# 239965).


Option #3…    (click below)