A Pentecostal Approach to Transgenderism

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United Pentecostal Church International


As Christians we should treat everyone with love, respect, and compassion. We should also bear witness that God has created humans as male and female (Genesis 1:27). While some erroneously suggest that gender is merely a social or psychological construct, it originates in God’s creative purpose and is rooted in genetic and biological reality. In rare cases of atypical anatomy, qualified medical personnel can be consulted. Aside from such rare cases, families and society should strongly affirm each individual’s biological, anatomical gender. For those who experience gender dysphoria (psychological distress with their sex or gender as determined by their physical anatomy), we recommend spiritual and professional counseling by qualified persons who are committed to biblical values. When children and youth experience confusion related to their social gender identity, we should provide them with biblically based encouragement, training, and modeling. We should not block or subvert puberty through artificial means.


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