April – A Month of Change

It has been awhile since I have written on the blog. April has been a hard month but we’re almost through it. This month our world has literally been flipped. Situations at my husband’s job has forced him to switch to nights and because of that we no longer could help with Dripping Springs.

It was a big blow to us but God has other plans. Please pray for the daughter work for they are in need of your prayers. We miss the kids so badly and it is hard to be back at our home church after working so long at a home missions church.

We have had a hard time getting sponsors to help us fund our AIM trip so I am starting a new fundraiser starting next month. I applied to be a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. Lularoe sells comfortable and affordable clothing. How it works is I buy wholesale and sell at retail price. It’s a lot like plexus, ItWorks, ect but with clothing. I have a Facebook page already for it. Super excited to start selling product in about a month.


We’re at an in between point. Our RV got water damage in April really bad so we are looking for somewhere to live. Our insurance is covering us and we’re going to get more back even more than we even paid for it. Praise God! If you could pray for our family as this is a big decision, the moving process. We are indecisive what to do next. We do not want to do anything that would keep us from Europe and God’s will. We are believing for God to provide. Currently we are still living in the RV without water or plumbing. We are thankful that we live behind our in laws. We are grateful for any help. Be blessed!

Michaela and Zachary Bowles


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