Dripping Springs, TX


This Sunday at the daughter work church we had 25 in attendance. This is where we teach Sunday school. A lot of the kids have not been to Dripping Springs lately. These kids need to be covered in prayer.

Please pray for Zoey, Noah, Jack, David, Michael, Troy, Chase, Bailey, Shelby, Kenny, Lee, and Sarah. These are all the kids we teach ranging from 4 years old to 16 years old.

We had tongues and interpretation this Sunday and it encouraged the body. We also had a meal after service which met the needs of fellowship. We had the chance to talk to the Levea family who have been ministering at the daughter work church the last few Sundays.

Bro. Levea is an evangelist who works in the gifts of healing and the word of knowledge. Several visitors have come in and received miraculous healings.

We love to help with this daughter work. We are learning so much while working here. These kids have barely any knowledge of the word and are hungry for God. We are believing for revival in Dripping Springs, in Johnson City, and in all the surrounding areas.

Three people have received the Holy Ghost in the last two months at Dripping. Praise God! We are believing for even more and for the church to multiply and grow.

The church is in the perfect location, at the center of 4 thousand new homes that will be built around it.

Leona is a Ukrainian lady at the Dripping Springs church. She first started coming to church with her husband and after several weeks coming, a large tumor developed in her throat.

Since that time God has completely healed her. She had surgery to remove the tumor and there are no residual signs of cancer. To God be the glory!

Michaela has had the opportunity to play piano and sing in the beginning of January. She is continuing to take lessons and use her love of music for His kingdom.

Whether it be foreign or domestic,  missions is always our passion.

“The Whole Gospel to the Whole world by the Whole Church.”

– The Bowles Family (AIM2Austria)


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