Reasons to Invest


We are at 1% of our budget. Only 99% more to go! It will happen; we are going next year! It is getting so close!  We put a GoFundMe badge at the bottom of the page to make it easy for you to go our fundraiser site.

The motto of global missions is this: the Whole Gospel to the Whole world by the Whole Church. Help us bring the gospel to these hungry and lost people in the GSN.

Reasons to invest in our ministry

  1. Our burden for Europe has only grown since we were children.
  2. We are hardworking and complete what we start.
  3. We love souls.
  4. We can communicate in German and are learning more.
  5. Labourers are few and we will go!
  6. We can contribute musically: Guitar, piano, violin, and vocal.
  7. We will teach bible studies.
  8. You bless us and you will blessed by God in return.
  9. You’ll be part of revival in Austria and the German speaking nations of Europe.
  10. We will be a part of doing street evangelism.
  11. Missions is our calling.
  12. More than anything we are willing to give our lives to bringing the gospel.
  13. We’re willing vessels.

Please help us go win the lost!

God bless you!
– The Bowles family (AIM2Austria)


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