It’s Friday


Today, Zachary has an interview with Samsung where his Dad works. Right this very moment he might be getting there or almost there. Pray he gets the job! It’ll be at least $18.40/hr which is almost $5 more than what he is making at freescale. God keeps on providing for us! Where there seems no way God always provides and comes through! The position he is applying for is a Tech position at an engineering plant. It’s a big step up from an operator. It’ll look good on his resume for when we go to Europe.

We’re excited to see what all God is doing. He’s working behind the scenes. Just like last month God helped us with Christmas this year. We thought it was going to be really simple Christmas this year. Which would have been fine, we really have everything we need. Valaina will have things to attempt to open. God is already taking care of our needs.

He is paying our bills, keeping a roof over our heads, keeping us warm at night, providing food for our table, water to drink, and clothes on our back. Praise God! We are thankful for all the blessings from God. We are truly blessed.

Over and out.

God bless!

– the Bowles Family –
Future AIMers to Austria (2017)


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