Unexpected Blessing


So last week God blessed us in an unexpected way. We were in Dollar tree when a lady we had never met gave us $100 out of the blue. Thankful for those moments when God provides and builds our faith and builds our trust in him. It has been hard financially lately and we’re believing for God to provide all of our needs. Like everyone else we’re just trying our best but sometimes all God wants from us is to trust him. I definitely need to trust Him more to provide and not try to provide my own way. 

He knows our every need and even the desires of our hearts. I’ve been reminded lately that I am favored of God and that he’s going to give me the desires of my heart. This is definitely evident in my life. Lately I have been reading in the book of Job, he had everything taken from him but yet he still trusted in God. In the end he had more than double what he originally had. That just goes to show my portion is only going to increase. In everything to God be the glory.

Thank God for the trials. Those trials only make us stronger. I am thankful that we have heat in the RV. So thankful that our little girl is warm and comfy at night. The water heater doesn’t work well but at least we have water and plumbing. We only have to take showers in the house still. We live behind our in-laws in an RV. With all the craziness going on in the world there is still hope. Jesus is our hope.

This is our humble abode, sometimes the smallness makes me claustrophobic and being a perfectionist does not help. Keeping it clean is near impossible without outside storage. Our outside storage fell apart so we basically gave it away for cheap at a yard sale. We made $80 for AIM at the yard sale. Every little bit helps. I had mostly already sold everything I had for previous missions trips so we didn’t have too much stuff. 

My husband is at home today. The water crossings are flooded and going pretty fast. It is nice to have him home. He has more time for school now. The DC circuits class is his hardest one yet. This is the last week for his speech and DC circuits class. Then he’ll have two new classes next week. He does online classes through Grantham University. I’m proud of all the hard work he is putting in so that we can stay in Austria longer. It’s really hard being away from my Europe, really miss it more than anything. It’s like being constantly homesick.


Our little girl Valaina is getting so big. December 6th, she will be 10 months. She just got her 5th tooth. She is getting so big and is only getting more adorable day by day. She has started squinching her nose when she smiles and getting into the cabinets and drawers. She is the best blessing God has ever given us. We are thankful to have a good church, an awesome pastor who is selfless, a home, food, my husband, our daughter, my family, and all the blessings God has given us.

Hope everyone is having a good day and God bless!

– The Bowles Family 


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