We have our car back and it’s fixed! I’ve been learning How He Loves on the piano. I’ve finally got a couple songs down on the piano. We’re doing a yard sale today and tomorrow. It is going very slow so far, hope tomorrow goes better. Things have been a little rough the last couple of days but it’ll only get better from here! It’s been one thing after another after we applied for AIM. Trying to stay encouraged. Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Valaina is getting into everything lately. She is currently trying to pick out a book to pull off the bookshelf. She has a constant fetishist of sticking hair from the floor in her mouth. The joys of having a dog in a house and pentecostal ladies. We live in an RV behind our in laws. Please pray that tomorrow we sell everything! Please pray for our finances, what little we had saved, went to the things that kept on adding up. The car and problems with the RV. The plumbing and water is completely set up so we won’t be cold this winter. Praise God! Two weeks ago God healed my back! I can finally stand straight and with no pain. Zachary is doing well in school, so proud of him. We cannot wait to be back! I miss Europe so much lately. Please pray for us as we endeavor to go. If you would like to donate even $5 it would be a blessing. You can donate by this link. We can’t make it there without your help. God bless you!

– The Bowles Family


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