Cannot wait to be back


This week is the week to get things done. Our RV finally has plumbing. Thank you Jesus! We hope to have our RV paid off by Christmas! With God all things are possible! Our car is still in the shop, we’re using a rental till it is fixed.

We’re still waiting on our budget for AIM, saving as much as we can in the waiting process. Today, I got the C Major scale and “Set a Fire” down pat on the piano. Feels good to learn skills that can be used in home missions and overseas if need be! I’ve wanted to play since I was about 18 years old and lessons finally worked out!

The Fall festival at our church is this week. Hope lots of people come this year!

We hope to get the RV all clean this week with my husband’s help, small space makes things interesting. The pop out has been leaking, Zachary has been looking into car ports to cover it up so the problem finds a solution.

God provided our car payment for this week out of blue in an unexpected way! Love how he provides for us! God is so good!

Hope to go get passport photos done tomorrow and get the forms. We have to refill them out since our address changed since we got the forms about a year ago. Hopefully Valaina will sit still for a photo. She very much likes to move. She’s all over the place crawling in our RV, in Nani’s house, and the house where I nanny.

I’m halfway through a German verb drills book! It is more strenuous than the last workbook I finished. All the tenses in German confuse me a bit but God will help me grasp the language even more. I love to learn! Thankful for you. All!

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That’s about all that’s new for this week and we’re still striving to get to Europe! Cannot wait to see all God had in store!

God bless you!

– The Bowles Family

Zachary, Michaela, and Valaina



  1. Shirley Buxton

    Hello. A short while ago I noted a comment you had made on one of my blog posts. Thank you for that . . .and forgive me for not responding sooner. Haven’t been doing much with my blogs lately and just did not notice it was there.

    I see you are prearing for the mission field. Admire you and pray every blessing of God on you and your family.



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